Office 365 – A Good Choice for Businesses with Managed IT Services

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For businesses wanting or needing to upgrade their productivity software, it would be wise to look at Microsoft’s Office365 offerings in combination with managed IT services. We’ll briefly go over a few of the immediate benefits of going with Microsoft’s productivity suite offering.
With Office 365, you’ll have access to the latest productivity suite which includes Word, Outlook, Excel, Powerpoint, and OneNote to name a few…for a set subscription cost per user. No more worrying if your company is licensing compliant, no more concerns that your employees are running different versions of Office, and no more guesswork when budget time rolls around.
Bundled with the Office365 offering is OneDrive for Business – a cloud storage and collaboration application – access your data anywhere, anytime, from any device.
Email is the heart and soul of most businesses these days, and we all feel the impact when email is unavailable for even a short amount of time. Anyone with a working knowledge of Exchange server will tell you it can be a full-time job maintaining the health, and therefore the reliability, of the system. This could mean either hiring an individual with the requisite IT skills, or contracting a managed IT services company to do the job. This would involve hardware and software purchases, server updates and service packs, monitoring disk space and performance, maintaining mailbox quotas, spam filtering, protection from malware…and the list goes on. But with Exchange(Outlook) online the only thing you need to worry about is sending and receiving email.
The licensing scheme has its benefits as well…
Each employee with an Office365 account can install up to 5 instances of Office365 on devices of their choosing – an additional PC or laptop, tablet, or smartphone. In the BYOD era, this is a huge benefit. And not only will your employees have access to the applications on their devices – if their devices aren’t available to them they can simply login to their Office365 account from any internet connected machine and gain access to the online versions of the Office365 applications.
We’ve covered only a few of the highlights of Office365 – but as you can see thus far, it will change the way you look at business productivity. For more information, go to:
written by: Chuck Herman, Project Lead

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