Managed Security

Safeguard Your Network

Our comprehensive security offerings keep your data safe and secure.

We provide a combination of tools and services for businesses of all types and sizes because we believe that every organization deserves to operate without worrying about cyberattacks.

Keep Your Data Safe and Secure

Get to Know Guardian

For businesses seeking a security edge unlike any other, meet our Guardian Network Protection Service (GNPS). 

GNPS constantly monitors your network and endpoints for all types of threats and has the power to eliminate them before they get anywhere close to causing headaches.

We developed GNPS in-house using our decades of experience in the cybersecurity world. It’s a field-proven asset that offers your business the robust protection it deserves. Plus, GNPS is included with our full-scope managed IT services.

Intrusion Detection System
Alerts when action is needed
Custom Dashboards
Detailed Reporting
Network Traffic Analysis


Average Threats Blocked Daily


Tailor-made security solutions

When you partner with our team, we’ll create a security solution crafted with your business in mind. We understand there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to managed IT security, so you won’t get cookie-cutter products or services from us.

Whether we work with your in-house team or fill that gap for you, we’ll implement customized, cutting-edge security tools like GNPS to make your entire network as secure as ever.

Key Components of Managed Security

Comprehensive network assessment to detect areas of vulnerability
Internal and external threat hunting and ongoing threat assessments
24/7 in-house monitoring and proactive support
Ongoing employee training to reduce risk of a breach
Constant compliance with IT best practices

Support when you need it

Cybersecurity threats evolve constantly, and it’s important that your information security systems do too. We stay ready and equipped to support you and the security solutions we implement, helping you stay one step ahead.