5 Cloud Server Computing Advantages You Haven't Considered

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Cloud Computing ConceptThe term “cloud computing” has been floating around for quite a while now as one of the best ways to store and access data for your company – and for good reason. Cloud server computing allows companies to access information in a fairly simple, interactive way. It gives you the ability to access your data from anywhere, at any time, as long as you have access to the Internet. How convenient is that? If you’re looking to adopt cloud computing, you should know all of the benefits that come with it.

  • Flexible – Cloud computing gives you much more space than you’d have on, say, your own hard drive or a local network. If you need more space or bandwidth quickly, cloud computing can give that to you.
  • Disaster Recovery – This is easily one of the biggest advantages associated with cloud computing. Rather than having all of your work saved on a hard drive, or in one place, the work is saved on a network that can be accessed from anywhere. When you’re holding on to important business documents, being able to back your work up is a crucial piece of the puzzle.
  • Collaboration – Access to information on the cloud can be accessed by anyone in your company with the right security clearances. This means that your team will be able to work with one another on the same documents without having to be in the same room or send them back in forth via email. This saves time and helps increase productivity.
  • Work Wherever – For companies that have employees who work on location or telecommute, this is an invaluable use of cloud computing. Being able to work from home is important for many people and can help save both the business owner as well as the employee money; the employee spends less money on commuting and the business owner spends less on resources.
  •  Environmentally Friendly – If you’re interested in the green initiative, cloud computing is a great first step. If you have more employees telecommuting, chances are that they’re using less gas and creating fewer emissions. It also means less paper, ink, and electricity usage in your office.

If you’re looking at all the advantages of cloud computing, you can easily see how it will also save you money and even help you make money in the long run. Unlimited access to your documents from anywhere means that your employees can work more efficiently and you can get more work done. Plus, there is no additional hardware, software, or other IT expense on top of your cloud computing software. You get all of the benefits without all the added costs. Request a free assessment today! As a bonus, if you refer a friend to our cloud program, you’ll receive a special incentive.
AIS is committed to implementing IT solutions that best meet the business needs and goals of our customers, and we have the experience to provide complete management of their IT lifecycles – everything they need to operate, manage and enhance their ever-evolving environments. Our breadth of technical and business expertise allows us to evaluate our clients’ needs and collaboratively design and implement customized solutions.
With more than 300 commercial and governmental clients in Baltimore, Washington D.C and Northern Virginia, AIS offers both proactive support for internal IT departments and fully managed outsourced services for companies who do not have IT staff. If you have any questions about Cloud Computing, call us at 410-585-9505, or click today.
Source: Why Move to the Cloud? 10 Benefits of Cloud Computing

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