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In-Depth: Cloud-Based Services

Cloud-based services offer a terrific range of productivity, communication and security solutions for nearly every type of business.
Tech to increase productivity

Your how-to guide for the right tech to increase productivity

Employees want to be productive. All things equal, they'd prefer interesting and challenging work to tackle rather than turn to mind-numbing data entry or social media to fill their hours.
Cloud vs virtualization

Cloud Computing vs. Virtualization: What's the Difference?

Cloud computing and virtualization are closely related. The modern business world has been transformed through these technologies and it's important to know what each one is.
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The truth about the cloud: 3 cloud myths debunked

Want to learn the truth about cloud computing? Check out a few of the top cloud myths and learn why they aren't accurate.

4 must-have technologies that improve business mobility

Thanks to several different technologies, you can work from anywhere and remain productive. Here are a few business mobility technologies that lead the way.
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4 surprising ways the cloud reduces costs in your business

The cloud can reduce costs in your business. But it's not just the cost of cloud services itself. Check out a few surprising ways the cloud reduces costs.