Recent Malware and Virus Threats Require Managed Services

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As people around the US are shopping for the holiday season, the threat of point-of-sale malware remains a very important topic. More than a year after the discovery of the first major attacks against POS networks, many US retailers are still vulnerable to this type of attack. Retailers are working on a approving there securities.
• What users can do to prevent these malware:
o Monitor your bank accounts
o Protect personal information
o Use pin numbers that have different numbers not the same are in order
You can find more information on point-of-sales malware on:
There are other malware and virus you need to watch for, even if you are not shopping in stores. Below you will find the common malware and viruses in the last couple of months:
• DYREZA: Is an online banking malware that is advertised as a spinoff of the infamous ZeuS banking malware
o First Spotted: September 2014
o This Malware can come through e-mail attachments
o The attachments will look like invoice notification
o When this virus gets on your computer it can:
Monitor/take screenshots of browser activity
Steal personal security certificates
Steal online banking/login credentials
o What users can do to prevent these threats
Know your bank’s policies.
Delete any suspicious-looking emails you receive
Install an antimalware solution that also covers email in its protective scope.
You can find more information on this Malware on:
Adam Smith, Network Engineer Alliance InfoSystems, LLC
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