Why You Should Choose a Local Cloud Server Provider

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As cloud server hosting services grow in popularity and number, the difficulty of choosing the right one is also compounded. Large providers like Amazon and Google offer low prices and brand name recognition, and there is concern in the industry that they may be driving out smaller competitors. But small, local cloud providers have plenty to offer that the big names can’t match.
Local providers might not be able to match the prices offered by large cloud services, but often you’ll find the sacrifices large providers make in price are matched by cuts in services. Amazon, for example, will not automatically encrypt your data in the cloud, instead charging extra for this essential service.
Customer Service
Due to their smaller scale, local cloud providers can offer a much higher degree of customer service and personal attention. This means that if you’re having difficulty and need help troubleshooting, you can get the assistance you need on a timely basis. Large providers have so many customers that they simply can’t provide the same level of attention.
Niche Markets
Many markets have specialized needs that influence their requirements for a cloud computing service. Services offered by larger providers are generally one-size-fits-all affairs that try to cover everyone with a more generic service. However, these might not be right for everyone. Businesses with more detailed needs can find what they’re looking for with a local provider that can tailor their cloud on a case specific basis.
There’s no doubt that large providers go to great lengths to secure the data they host. However, the sheer volume of data they store makes them targets for hackers and thieves, whose time may be better spent going after large quantities of data than small ones.
local cloud provider
With a local cloud provider, you can get customized cloud hosting, customer service, and personal attention that larger providers can’t match. Having more than 300 commercial and governmental clients in Baltimore, Washington D.C. and Northern Virginia, Alliance InfoSystems (AIS) offers cloud computing among other support services for companies with or without IT staff. If you have any questions about cloud computing services call AIS at 410-585-9505, or click today.

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