Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing Services

Cloud computing is a hosted service that offers flexible data access, improved application performance, and increased data storage while controlling IT related expenses. These and other benefits make it the IT solution of choice for many companies. Click here to request a free Cloud Computing Assessment for your business.

Benefits of cloud computing services:

      • Cost Savings

        Cloud computing allows companies to increase data storage capacity, improve application performance and  access data remotely without purchasing additional hardware, server storage space, software upgrades and other IT related resources.

      • Disaster Recovery

        Protect data from catastrophic events by storing it off-site in secure, enterprise-class data centers that are routinely backed-up.

      • Scalability

        Conveniently scale services to match the changing needs of your company by adding users, storage space, and more options as needed to your cloud server.

      • Improved Operations

        Access files and applications remotely; and collaborate anytime, anywhere, and on virtually any device with an internet connection.

      • Trusted Support

        Located in Baltimore, Maryland, Alliance InfoSystems is a reliable IT partner that provides in-house, help desk support that customers can rely on.

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