Windows XP & Office 2003 Retires April 8th…Are You Ready?

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Microsoft recently announced that as of April 8th it will retire Windows XP and Office 2003, and cease providing support to end users.  This means that Microsoft will terminate their assisted support options (both free and paid); and discontinue releasing future security updates, technical content updates and any non-security hotfixes after that date.  If your business relies on either product, it will be at significant risk for security breach, viruses and malware attacks.
In order to avoid putting your business at risk, Microsoft recommends that you upgrade to Windows 8.1, or at minimum Windows 7.  Customers moving to a modern operating system will benefit from enhanced security, broad device choice for a mobile workforce, higher user productivity, and a lower total cost of ownership through improved management capabilities.
If you are unsure about the status of your current operating system or software, or would like more information about upgrading, an AIS representative can help.  Please give our office a call at 410-585-9505 or email for assistance.

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