I Want My Network To Act Like My Car!!

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Think about this – due to the sophisticated engineering of most motor vehicles today – we get in, start the engine and go. The majority of the time we’re not thinking about what’s going on under the hood because most cars today are equipped with smart systems that monitor and control critical functions like engine oil pressure, water temperature, fuel consumption, passenger compartment comfort, tire pressure, and more depending on the carmanufacturer. If a problem should develop, the operator usually receives a warning, and very often, the repair facility can tap into the on-board computer system, diagnose, and fix the problem….all of this functionality right out of the box , and it’s likely you didn’t pay nearly as much for your car as you did for your small to mid-size business network !
So two obvious questions are:
Can my IT network tell me when something’s wrong ? Yes, it can.
Can it do it right out of the “box” ?In most cases, no.
Because networks consist of hardware and software components from a number of different manufacturers, the optimal solution would be to install network monitoring software possessing the capability to monitor network health and functions across all aspects of your environment.
With our next blog, we’ll discuss the importance and different aspects of monitoring your IT network environment.
After all, wouldn’t you want to know if your network is overheating or needs an oil change ?
written by: Chuck Herman, Project lead

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