Veeam's Availability Suite v8 and the Always-On Business of the Cloud Server

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Business today depends on the availability of information and applications. When technical issues in the data center prevent customers, employees, and associates from accessing the data they need, business suffers. While businesses may back up some data with full redundancy, most is protected using legacy backup solutions which are slow and can take hours or even days to restore service. In the meantime, no one has access to the information and applications they need, and business grinds to a halt.
Veeam’s new Availability Suite v8 offers a comprehensive solution to the problem of slow recovery time by bridging what it calls the Availability Gap. Instead of relying on legacy systems, Veeam harnesses the power found in the modern data center such as virtualization and the cloud server to provide a recovery time and point objective of less than 15 minutes for most workloads. This is not only a huge advantage but a necessity for businesses to maintain their availability in an always-on world. The features of Availability Suite v8 include the following:
High-Speed Recovery
A blazing fast recovery time objective of less than 15 minutes for the majority of data and applications.
Data Loss Avoidance
Fast recovery means data loss is avoided, and offsite data is protected.
Verified Protection
All backups are tested and verified in an isolated process so you can confirm that your data is protected.
Leverage Data
Changes to applications can be tested before deployment to catch performance issues before they’re live.
Complete Visibility
Constant monitoring tools alert you immediately as to any IT issues.
Veeam Availability Suite v8

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To learn more about Veeam’s Availability Suite v8, request to speak with a technical expert at Alliance InfoSystems (AIS), an approved supplier of Nimble Storage. If you’re in the Baltimore area, you are welcome to attend a live demo of Availability Suite v8 at the AIS lab on Wednesday, July 16th. AIS will host a WhiteBoard Workshop with partners, Nimble Storage and Veeam, titled Revolutionize Your Data Center.

Having more than 300 commercial and governmental clients in Baltimore, Washington D.C. and Northern Virginia, Alliance InfoSystems (AIS) offers cloud computing among other support services for companies with or without IT staff. If you have any questions about cloud computing services call AIS at 410-585-9505, or click today.


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