Alliance InfoSystems partners with MD. based Resilience Technology Corporation

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Alliance InfoSystems (AIS) has signed an agreement with Resilience Technology Corporation to resell the entire suite of Resilience CyberSecurity products in North America. Resilience has been designing and manufacturing advanced CyberSecurity hardware for the industry’s leading Defense-In-Depth security applications since 1995. Appliances built by Resilience have no End-of-Support date and are all manufactured at the Resilience headquarters in Hanover, MD, USA.
As a leading developer and manufacturer of Defense-in-Depth CyberSecurity products, Resilience Technology Corporation engineers and builds advanced hardware for the industry’s leading cyber-security applications.
Resilience appliances are manufactured in Hanover MD and preserve budget dollars because they are built to last and have no End-of-Support dates. Your organization will never again be forced to replace perfectly good hardware due to vendor mandated EOL schedules.
Alliance InfoSystems (AIS) has joined the Resilience reseller network to offer CyberSecurity appliances supporting: Abatis, Community DNS, Integrata, NetTag, Firescreen, Sophos, Check Point, BreachScan and BreachScan Key.
For more information please visit Resilience.

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