Understanding the Business Benefits of Virtualization

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Running a business costs enough as it is. And buying hardware is expensive – why spend the money if it isn’t necessary? Instead, save your money and utilize virtualization wherever possible.

Having a virtual desktop means that you only need to buy one PC per person, instead of one device per operating system, per person. If you add virtual servers too, you can also avoid purchasing additional hardware with CAPEX.

In other words, it can all add up to good savings.

However, the benefits that virtualization brings extend far beyond the immediately obvious. Virtualization is smart for several reasons:

Lower Maintenance Costs

Traditional on-premise servers are costly to manage. You have to house them, which takes up floor space. You need someone to update them. You’ll also need make sure there are no application issues, or potential infections with their systems.

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On the front end, virtualization requires none of that. Since a virtualized server is typically hosted off-site by an organization, they’ll handle the patching and security of it for you. You can also rejoice in knowing you won’t have the floor space taken up by the server. It’s the little things.


You can also use virtualization to conduct your own in-house testing. You can set up virtual test environments to run applications in a secure environment. If the application is unstable (and always crashing), you can tweak its settings to get it right before large-scale deployments. Virtual test environments also give you a safeguard against cyberattacks, since you can securely infect a virtual machine without compromising the central virtual device controller.

Faster Deployment

Virtualization helps you take actions faster too – like adding a new seat in your office. “You can quickly clone a gold image, master template, or existing virtual machine to get a server up and running within minutes,” explains Network World. “Remember that the next time you have to fill out purchase orders, wait for shipping and receiving, and then rack, stack, and cable a physical machine only to spend additional hours waiting for the operating system and applications to complete their installations.”

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Remote Work

You can also use virtual desktops and servers to set up shop anywhere, even if just temporarily. Employees can work remote via a cloud setup or you can set up a temporary office hub wherever you need one, be it on-site with a client or as pilot test for a possible expansion. Virtualization allows you to securely extend your talent pool to anyone that’s willing and able to work remotely.


Virtualization facilitates backing up data, too. Since virtualized servers and desktops often link together via a common data storage platform, it’s far easier to connect your virtualized source to a backup application.

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“Not only can you do full backups of your virtual server, you can do backups and snapshots of your virtual machines,” explains Tech Republic. This speeds up software redeployment, reduces your downtime, and helps make sure that your data is as up-to-date as possible.

Disaster Recovery

Better backups and snapshots of your systems help you in the event of an emergency as well. Whether a server becomes corrupted or a disaster happens, virtualization keeps your company system, emails, consumer data, and product information safe. Plus, it lets you redeploy your infrastructure quickly, cutting expensive downtime.


Virtualization also has another benefit – it is eco-friendly. Virtual machines mean that you need to power fewer pieces of equipment. That means less electricity and less heat generated. Energy costs like power or air conditioning are bound to go down in turn. Not only will you help save the environment, but you might also reduce your company’s utility bills.

Unlock the Benefits of Virtualization with Alliance

Virtualization offers many benefits to businesses. However, you’ll need an expert to help you implement the right systems that fit your specific needs. You can always turn to Alliance – we’re virtualization experts.

If you’d like to learn more about virtualization and what it can do for you, reach out to us. We’re more than happy to chat with you.

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