Home Bandwidth issues? Meet our Network In a Box

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Is your home bandwidth saturated and vulnerable to cyber attacks?

Due to home devices – laptops, desktops, tablets, gaming systems, or even a smart refrigerator, your home’s wireless bandwidth is saturated. To top it off, have you thought about IT security? The majority of staff are trying to adapt to working from home. Adding the requirement of IT knowledge, well, it adds a lot of stress.

In this unnerving time, what can you do to make things simple? Alliance InfoSystems has the answer.

We have developed the Network In a Box.

Network In a Box is a preconfigured, home wireless device remotely managed by us. It provides a secure network environment that is separate from your home network.

Our goal for Network In a Box is to keep it as user friendly as possible! We created a two-page instructional sheet that enables users to set up at home without the assistance of an IT professional (but available if necessary).  

Knowing your staff are accessing private information while within a secure, reliable network will allow for a peace of mind and isn’t that what we all want right now?

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