4 next-level reasons to partner with an MSP

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Sure, you might “get by” with that one employee who sort of knows IT.

But at the end of the day, “that one employee” will never have what it takes to replace a full-blown IT department or MSP (managed service provider).

The technology your business relies on has come a long way, and it’s far too sophisticated for one person to successfully manage. And here are four big reasons why.

Bob from accounting can’t provide IT strategy.

That’s right. Bob might be able to get the printer to work, and he might know his way around your PC’s control panel. But that doesn’t mean he can build a custom IT strategy and roadmap for your business. Or … maybe he can. But it probably won’t keep your technology scalable, cost-efficient, and user-friendly.

That’s why an MSP is invaluable. A managed service provider keeps people on staff that build, implement, and manage IT strategies all day long.

Sue from HR can’t analyze your entire infrastructure.

Most people don’t even know what questions to ask when it comes to their IT — let alone analyze and assess their entire infrastructure. And we’re willing to bet that Sue from HR can’t do this either.

An MSP (and Sue, for that matter) can’t provide you with the best IT support if they don’t know what’s actually going on inside your infrastructure. Because of this, MSPs regularly analyze and assess your technology to fully understand it from the inside-out. This way, they can provide your company with best-fit technology solutions and quality advice and consulting.

Rick from marketing doesn’t have time to solve your problems.

Sorry to break it to you, but Rick already has a lot going on. So does Sue, and so does Bob.

Unless that person’s full-time job is IT support, you can’t expect any one person at your company to successfully deliver the quality and quantity of IT support your team needs to stay productive. Especially if you’re comparing that level of support to a managed service provider.

An MSP leverages a full team of IT experts and certified network engineers to support your team and its technology 24/7. And with features like remote IT support and automatic updates, actual IT issues become few and far between.

Becky from customer service can’t keep you modern.

The majority of SMBs won’t ever reach their full potential. And it’s not because they can’t. And it’s certainly not because they don’t want to.

It’s because they don’t know how. Or better put, they don’t know what technology they need to reach that potential.

Instead of partnering with an MSP, they rely on Becky with the good pens to keep them up-to-date on security trends, software solutions, and hardware upgrades.

All the Google searches can never replace the type of solutions and quality advice an MSP can bring to your business. MSPs do nothing but work with technology all day. They know it better than most anyone. And they certainly know it better than Becky does (at least, we’re willing to bet they do).

If you’d like more input on what a managed service provider can do for your business, take a look here.

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