Managed IT

Managed IT Services

Whether provided in conjunction with a company’s internal IT department or as a sole outsourced provider, managed IT services help customers to reduce costs, increase profits and mitigate business risks. AIS offers a full complement of managed service offerings.

  • Managed Services – Basic

    Under the AIS Basic Managed Services Plan, a software agent is loaded onto the customer’s network that allows our engineering staff to proactively monitor their network. This plan is ideal for small businesses that may not have an IT staff.

    Managed Services – Enhanced

    AIS Enhanced Managed Services Plan includes the proactive, ongoing management, monitoring and maintenance of customer networks, software, hardware and related IT services at a fixed cost.

    On-Site Support

    For a set amount of hours per week, an experienced, certified AIS engineer will work at your company’s location to manage your IT systems and network infrastructure, including maintenance and troubleshooting – an ideal solution for companies who do not have IT personnel or whose IT departments need help completing projects.

    Remote Monitoring and Support

    AIS can proactively monitor your IT environment and troubleshoot issues before they become large-scale problems that can impact your company’s communications and productivity.

  • Service Desk Support

    AIS provides professional and courteous assistance to all customers who have questions or require troubleshooting for servers, networks, systems and desktops.

    Staff Augmentation

    For customers who require additional team members to support company initiatives but do not have the budget for employing FTEs, AIS can outsource its experienced and certified engineers on either a short- or long-term project basis.

    Virtual CIO (vCIO)

    Most CEOs are not interested in backups, new Microsoft Office versions or the cloud in general. They spend their time on organizing their companies, servicing their clients, and developing their management team. AIS vCIO implements a standardized IT management structure with proper plans and documents that align services across the IT ecosystem which support the business objectives.