Service Plans

Managed Services – Enhanced

Alliance InfoSystems (AIS) Enhanced Managed Services Plan includes the proactive, ongoing management, monitoring and maintenance of customer networks, software, hardware and related IT services at a fixed cost.

Managed Services – Basic

Under the AIS Basic Managed Services Plan, a software agent is loaded onto the customer’s network that allows our engineering staff to proactively monitor their network. This plan is ideal for small businesses that may not have an IT staff.

AIS Hosting

With our Hosting Plan, AIS provides the technology infrastructure (including servers and remote desktops) in our data center, where customers can host their IT applications. Under this simple yet flexible plan, Alliance manages and maintains systems such as file servers, e-mail,  business applications, custom software and even Microsoft Office – all of which can be hosted on our cloud platform. Customers can add their own servers, which will be maintained by AIS.

AIS Spam Filtering

Under this plan, AIS can filter inbound and outbound mail on a one-year, per mailbox subscription service.

Staff Augmentation

With our Staff Augmentation Plan, an AIS engineer works a set amount of hours onsite each week to actively manage all IT systems, including routine maintenance and troubleshooting. This plan is also ideal for IT directors who need additional assistance completing projects.

Block Time

With Block Time, clients receive quicker response times and a discount from our standard Time and Materials Rates. Customers simply prepay for a set number of service hours and utilize them for projects or support as needed. These hours do not expire and can be purchased at any time. This service is not applicable for a Senior Architect.

Time and Materials

Time and Materials rates were designed for customers who don’t have a broader service plan in place. The AIS Time and Materials pricing is broken down into the following engineering categories:

  • Senior Architect – Unified Communications
  • Engineer 3 – Firewall, E-mail Systems, Server Migrations, Network Switching/Routing
  • Engineer 2 – File Server, Data Backup, UPS
  • Engineer 1 – Desktop-related Services, Computer Room Racks